Makeup Games May 13-15 & 19th

Posted by Circle City Futbol Club on May 06 2019 at 07:03AM PDT

Makeup Game Schedule

Weather permitting, the following makeup schedule will be used:

Monday May 13th

6:00pm 6U North Dynamo v Monarch
6:00pm 6U North Cosmos v Ranger
6:00pm 6U South Fire v Sounders
6:00pm 6U South Monarch v Ranger
6:00pm 8U North Eleven v Rangers
6:00pm 8U South Crew v Fire
5:45pm 10U North Sounders v Timbers
5:45pm 10U South Eleven v Islanders
5:45pm 12U Dynamo v Monarchs
5:30pm 14U Silver v Steel

Tuesday May 14th

6:00pm 6U North Eleven v Sounders
6:00pm 6U North Crew v Fire
6:00pm 6U South Cosmos v Dynamo
6:00pm 6U South Eleven v Crew
6:00pm 8U North Crew v Dynamo
6:00pm 8U South Eleven v Dynomo
5:45pm 10U North Cosmos v Fire
5:45pm 10U South Monarchs v Rangers
5:45pm 12U Fire v Rangers
5:30pm 19U Red v Silver

Wednesday May 15th

6:00pm 8U North Monarchs v Fire
6:00pm 8U South Monarchs v Rangers
5:45pm 10U North Crew v Dynamo
5:30pm 12U Crew v Islanders
5:30pm 19U Blue v White

Sunday May 19th

U6 North

12:00 Eleven v Monarch
1:15 Crew v Ranger
2:30 Cosmos v Fire
3:45 Dynamo v Sounders

U6 South

12:15 Cosmos v Monarch
1:30 Crew v Sounders
2:45 Eleven v Fire
4:00 Dynamo v Ranger

U8 North

12:30 Eleven v Dynamo
1:45 Monarchs v Rangers
3:00 Crew v Fire

U8 South

12:45 Eleven v Monarchs
2:00 Crew v Rangers
3:15 Dynamo v Fire

U10 North

1:30 Dynamo v Islanders
3:30 Eleven v Timbers

U10 South

12:30 Fire v Sounders
2:30 Crew v Rangers
4:30 Cosmos v Monarchs


1:00 Crew v Rangers
3:00 Dynamo v Fire
5:00 Islanders v Monarchs


12:00 Blue v Silver
6:00 Blue v Steel


2:00 Silver v White
4:00 Blue v Red